Advies & Begeleiding Green Events

As an organizer or collective partnership, would you like to firmly embed sustainability within the core of your organization? With a personalized guidance program, we help you to make a suitable plan at both a strategic and operational level. 

Quickscan Green Events

Are you searching for hands on advice concerning sustainable events or a specific topic? Our quickscans are designed to help you take your (first) targeted steps and implementation in practice. 

Workshop Green Events

Would you like to know more of how to make your events more sustainable? In our interactive workshop we share knowledge and give multiple relevant practical examples. Our goal is to inspire (event) organizers, municipalities and students to take steps in the field of sustainable events.  

Roeland Sjoerd Hoefsloot

Circular Festivals

The Green Deal Circular Festivals empowers international frontrunners by enabling the Festival Organisers to take new and ambitious initiatives towards circularity by 2025. Strive to achieve circularity by 2025, inspire visitors and set an example for other festivals.


Plastic Promise

Plastic Promise is a national movement that lets pioneers share their knowledge and ambitions to reduce the event industry’s use of plastic disposables, and to recycle the remaining disposables in the most sustainable way possible.

Foto: Jorn Baars ©

ADE Green

Together with ADE, we organise ADE Green to ignite and strengthen sustainability, innovation and social change through the music and events industry. In addition to the conference ADE Green launch a Livecast in 2020