Probably, you are already in the process of making your event more sustainable. You may have already started to rethink your approach from a top-down perspective and your event may already be adopting some sustainable practices in the field. If you are missing an overall strategy, an inspiring purpose, implementation knowhow or hands-on expertise, then let us help you to connect the dots.

We have developed a set of tools that will help any business in the event industry become more sustainable, every step of the way. After a short intake session, we can quickly identify which of the following tools are suitable for your situation, and we’ll draw up a custom and comprehensive plan to help your business move forward into a more sustainable future.

Impact Identification

Sustainability covers a lot of aspects within your operation. During a swift session we help you find your focus by identifying the low-hanging fruit: areas in which your business can keep on thriving within the planetary boundaries while making the most ecological and social impact.

Sustainable Strategy

Many businesses have a strategy that’s effective in terms of growth and profit but less so in terms of their environmental and social impacts. After a brief introduction on the areas of impact, we’ll determine how to tackle the most relevant ones for your business and how to upgrade your strategy for the 21st century. Where necessary, we’ll touch upon inspiring cases from the events industry.

Purpose Strategy

Any company that wants to thrive will need a purpose that many people can get behind. Your purpose will gain more traction if it’s aligned with the environmental and social change needed in the world. During this session, we inspire your team with brands who choose to create products and services that benefit the business and the earth at the same time. Together, we will proceed to discover the hotspots in your organization and rediscover your company’s purpose.

Power of Speech

Live events have a way of engaging large audiences and of leveraging that influence to inspire positive change. But with audiences becoming more vocal than ever, communicating your cause can be tricky. We can help you determine when to speak out and amplify your cause and when it’s better to work on your results in the background.

Measuring your Impact

Sustainable impacts are not always easy to measure. We will guide you in where and how to measure your impact and which instruments are suitable for your organization or event. Track your progress over time which will help you to take the right steps to achieve your sustainable strategy goals and set organizational priorities.

Report your Impact

Knowing how you are doing on the sustainability front is important. But reporting about it is just as crucial, because it forces you to make progress. When done right, communicating your impact can motivate employees, satisfy your audience and delight stakeholders in general. Should you want to connect your impact to a universal framework, we can help you place them in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Green & Social Rider

Your sustainable ambitions can only be achieved if you involve your supply chain. But how can you help your suppliers, partners and promoters to comply with your new standards on sustainability? Drawing from years of event experience, we know how to create green and social riders full of practical guidelines so that your suppliers become part of your strategy.

Implementation Support

Your sustainable strategy may be clear, but how to implement this in your organisation? We can help you determine who’s accountable, what kind of training your staff needs, what external expertise to involve, how to allocate budgets and what other operational issues may arise.

Sustainable Business Case

If you’d like to implement a new product, service or way of working, you can ask us to develop a sustainable business case for you. It involves research into your current situation, the financial forecast and the added value for the company.

Energy Management

During your event we can provide on-the-ground expertise to manage the execution of your power plans. They’ll fully support you in converting to renewable energy sources, in preventing fuel or waste-energy consumption, in managing both demand and use of energy, in monitoring your battery’s state of charge and your other power supply’s reliability and safety, in communicating about your sustainable goals and in seeing your other plans through until the event is long over.

Resource Management

Closing the loop on your event’s resources starts with a detailed analysis of your previous editions and current ideas, according to the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Together, we’ll make feasible plans, such as recycling schemes that are in effect before, during and after the event, including communication between all parties involved. After the event we’ll make sure that the waste collector delivers the necessary reports, photos and weight receipts.


We organise custom workshops, with programmes specifically designed for a particular group, consistent with the needs of the participants. We do this, for example, on behalf of municipalities and other governmental institutions. Because knowledge about sustainability is indispensable for the Event Managers of the future, we develop curricula for Event Management courses, ranging from the level of vocational training to academic courses.

Within a workshop, you will be working together to make your event more sustainable. The workshop consists of one or more meetings in which you are not only inspired, but also informed about the most important developments and opportunities. With high-profile examples taken from practice, the most important themes are illustrated and you can get answers to your questions from experts in the field.