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Are you working to effect sustainable social change in your organisation? 

Have a clear picture of where you want to reduce the negative or increase the positive impact? Find inspiration and practical information about communications, measuring impact, innovation, and leadership here. 

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Lyke Poortvliet is talking to Sylvester Lindemulder about regenerative thinking, festivals and Basecamp Festival (The Netherlands)

The Creative Climate Tools from Julie's Bicycle will provide an interactive, user-friendly experience, on an open-source and more collaborative platform and will include carbon budgeting, planning, and integrated access to guides and learning resources.

The GEM-Stage (Green Energy Mill) is a hybrid, foldout, eye-catching stage that runs on solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen.

This tool is designed to calculate in advance how much power your production requires, the tool will enable event organisers to employ alternatives to conventional diesel generators, therefore, improving efficiency, minimising diesel consumption & reducing CO2e & tailpipe emissions by

Find out your event’s energy rating and compare it to industry averages in less than a minute

In the paper "Putting a price on carbon" produced by Julie’s Bicycle and the Arts Council England you will find information about carbon offsets, what they are, and some alternative models

Currently, almost every European festival runs on polluting diesel generators for power supply. Read here the current power developments in the event industry.

Green Events & Innovations conference Summer Edition Online is presented by A Greener Festival in partnership with the International Live Music Conference. We welcome industry leaders, professionals, visionaries, governments and all individuals and organisations working to bring environmental and social

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