Resource (waste) Management

Waste has long ceased to be waste. Waste is no longer the end of a line but the start of a new beginning. This by seeing waste as a valuable raw material. Raw materials that are often characterized by scarcity and form the basis of a new product. To inspire your organization and firmly anchor sustainable raw materials management in the vision, strategy and implementation, Green Events has developed the Resource (waste) Management Program. 

Closing the loop on your event’s resources starts with a detailed analysis of your previous editions and current ideas, according to the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Together, we’ll make feasible plans, such as recycling schemes that are in effect before, during and after the event, including communication between all parties involved. We also ensure that in the process the necessary reports will be made to map out the results. 

Reduse Reuse Recycle Green Events

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