Plastic Promise is a national movement that lets pioneers share their knowledge and ambitions to reduce the event industry’s use of plastic disposables, and to recycle the remaining disposables in the most sustainable way possible.

The aim is that within three years at least 50 percent of all plastic disposable items will be replaced by reusable products or high-quality recycling.

Frontrunners such as Amsterdam Open Air, Awakenings, Bavaria, Coca-Cola, DGTL, Elevation Events, Dekmantel, Grolsch, Heineken, Johnny Walker, Jupiler, Lipton, Loveland, Lowlands, Mysteryland, Pepsi, Red Bull, Vierdaagsefeesten, and Zwarte Cross are affiliated with Plastic Promise. 

The national awareness campaign ‘Never Give Up On Your Cup‘ is one of the initiatives that fulfills the ambition of the Plastic Promise participants to make events circular. The campaign encourages all event visitors to return their plastic cups and bottles to the bar, collection point or waste bin, so they can be reused or recycled.

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