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With more than 400,000 attendees each year, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the most upfront and influential gathering for global music and its industry. We present ADE Green – a conference that encourages and supports sustainability, innovation, and social change in the music and events industry. Find the ADE Green 2022 Program here. Green Events, Amsterdam Dance Event and Nachtlab Agency organise ADE Green together with the support of partners and ambassadors.

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Our last blog before we go live entails two hand-picked routes from the program – one for artists, one for events managers. Don't miss out on these hidden gems in our program!

Besides a number of thought-provoking panels, ADE Green offers a wide array of hands-on sessions. From invite-only industry expert sessions, to interactive brainstorms and practical workshops of various sizes. Read on for an overview!

Your event may have a disability. Does that sound weird? Then please read this blog, as it outlines a much-needed, new approach to event accessibility for people with disabilities.

Catch a first glimpse of the program featuring international keynote speakers, food for thought, practical hands-on workshops and a range of panels, and find out all you need to know about ticket sales.

Want to partner with us?

You can! We work on commission, and we’ll come on board for projects where we can make a positive impact. We’re making the events industry more sustainable by building partnerships and focusing on practical solutions and innovation.