The Green Deal Circular Festivals empowers international frontrunners by enabling the Festival Organisers to take new and ambitious initiatives towards circularity by 2025. The circular festival model developed through this Green Deal will be reproducible for other festivals and events. The model and experiences from this Green Deal can inspire larger-scale initiatives by local authorities and civil society.

At ADE Green 2019 the International Green Deal Circular Festivals was signed by Amsterdam Open Air, Best Kept Secret, Boardmasters, Body & Soul, Boomtown, Down the Rabbit Hole, DGTL, Eurosonic-Noorderslag, Into the Great Wide Open, Lowlands, Mañana Mañana, Milkshake, North Sea Jazz, Roskilde, Shambala, Vierdaagse Feesten, We Love Green and Zwarte Cross. Together with the Dutch Government, Green Events initiated this 5 years project.

Agents of change

Festivals, with their spirit of creativity and enterprise, their mostly fenced-off grounds and temporary nature, can serve as a microcosm for circular innovation and experimentation. Starting on a festival scale, one can bring about the insights needed to further research, experiment, and improve the most promising circular interventions. Addressing barriers to innovation and identifying solutions together have the potential to accelerate society’s transition towards a circular economy.

The goal

Strive to achieve circularity by 2025, inspire visitors and set an example for other festivals. The Dutch government will help achieve this goal.


  • A model for a circular festival
  • Festival specific roadmaps to achieve circularity
  • A toolbox to enhance the exchange of best practices
  • A monitoring tool to measure progress
  • Communication instruments to inspire other parties and share our lessons learned

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