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Author: Lyke Poortvliet

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Mede-eigenaar Green Events en Head of Program ADE Green

After launching the first organic beer and removing disposable plastic cups and bottles, Northside announced that the food in 2022 will be plant-based and 100% organic.

Unfortunately, this year the ADE Green Conference cannot continue as a full conference day during the Amsterdam Dance Event. We will, however, design a number of ADE Green programs for ADE Pro on Friday, October 15, 2021.

This Mental Health Guide is tailored specifically at the well-being concerns of modern day music managers and includes detailed chapters on areas including Stress Management, Imposter Syndrome, Anxiety & Depression and Alcoholism & Drug Dependency.

The GEM-Stage (Green Energy Mill) is a hybrid, foldout, eye-catching stage that runs on solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen.

The Ocean Race, IOC, FIFA, UEFA and other industry representatives worked together to share knowledge around sustainable look & overlay for events.

This tool is designed to calculate in advance how much power your production requires, the tool will enable event organisers to employ alternatives to conventional diesel generators, therefore, improving efficiency, minimising diesel consumption & reducing CO2e & tailpipe emissions by

Find out your event’s energy rating and compare it to industry averages in less than a minute

Glitter is traditionally made from plastic and is a cause of microplastic pollution in the environment.  In recent years there has been a huge amount of press coverage over its physical and potentially toxic impact on marine life. Read more about

In this article Cordi gives her insights into creating sustainable signage, weighing up the pros and cons of different materials, and what event organisers should consider before making their final choices