Paul Schurink

Expert Sustainability and Energy

I work as an expert in the field of temporary energy supply, sustainability and innovations. In 2014, I co-founded Green Events Netherlands. We inspire organizers to take sustainable measures and gives them independent and competent advice. Green Events functions as a bridge between sustainable event suppliers and organizers and brings these two parties together in a sustainable cooperation. Since 2015, Green Events manages the Green Deal ‘Waste-free Festivals’.

I have been the energy consultant at many major events and festivals and has extensive knowledge of generators, power distribution, alternative power supply as fuel cell technique, hybrid generators, alternative fuels (GTL, bio fuels, bio gas), energy storage and general sustainability. In addition, I am also an accredited professional of the Sustainable Event Alliance.

Laura van de Voort

Expert Sustainability & Events

After my studies on Leisure Management and ten years of working experience as an event manager of festivals like Extrema Outdoor and Solar Weekend, I started to delve into organizing events in a sustainable way in 2012.

During this period, I discovered that cooperation and the sharing of knowledge are the key to progress. It’s the only way to make a difference. In 2014 I co-founded Green Events, a platform for making events sustainable.

Since the start of Green Events, I’ve used the platform to share my knowledge and experience with organizers of (inter)national festivals and events. I’ve noticed that many organizers want to be more sustainable, but don’t always know how to do this. Collaboration is the only way to make a difference, and sustainability should not be a competitive factor, but a connecting one. In addition, events are in the unique position to serve as testing grounds for innovation. They are an opportunity to inspire a large audience with sustainability.

In addition to facilitating strategy sessions, guidance programs and workshops, I have specialized in practical measures such as: raw material management, circular drinking cups (reuse and recycling) and sustainable food.

With Green Events we initiated the Green Deal ‘Waste-free Festivals’ and the ‘Plastic Promise’, in which we pioneer together with the festival industry on the topic of responsible plastic use.

Lyke Poortvliet

Expert Sustainability & Events

I’ve been working in the event industry for 18 years now. After a few years hardcore event-production and management in my early twenties, I have cherry picked projects with a strong social or sustainable aspect.

Learning along the way, I developed my hands-on sustainability expertise in events and worked with a wide range of organisations like Welcome to the Future,  Mysteryland, Q-Dance,  Nachtlab Agency, Strawberry Earth, Green Film Making Competition, 4&5 mei comittee and ING Nederland. Translating ambitions and goals in successful executed projects has been my key strength.

Within Green Events, I combine years of hands-on event experience with my broad knowledge of social and environmental challenges we are facing today. I love to share new developments and possibilities with our clients. My aim is to inspire and encourage every organization to dive into these challenges and embrace the ones your organization feels connected to.

For all innovators, pioneers and role models out there, as ADE Green’s Head of Program, I’m always of inspiring stories and best-practices. Please send me an email when you would like to share your idea.

Carlijn Lindemulder

Expert Sustainability & Events

In my work as a sustainability expert with a strong focus on music events, I combine my passions; sustainability, social awareness, music and events. What makes me tick is to dream up a project or strategy, get people behind it and help execute it in the field.

Before teaming up with Green Events, I set up and shaped the sustainability department of ID&T, an electronic music promoter in the Netherlands. Over the course of 8 years, I was responsible for creating the company’s sustainability strategy, executing it with the different event teams and business units of the company.

Mixing music culture with social and environmental engagement has always been a thread running through my work. Prior to my job at ID&T, I was Managing Director of Coolpolitics, a foundation that promoted social and political awareness through ground-breaking projects at music festivals.

I’m also founder and board chairman of 10,000 HOURS (a foundation that promotes voluntary work among festival and event lovers worldwide) and Initiator of ADE Green (the pioneering conference on sustainability, social change and innovation in the music industry), which we organize together with the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Sylvester Lindemulder

Creative Strategist

After my studying at the Royal College of Arts, I started working for several Advertising and Media Agencies, eventually becoming a partner at IDTV Live. Here I got the creative responsibility for clients like Volvo Ocean Race, Picnic CrossMedia Week, KLM, Vodafone, Het Financieel Dagblad and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

In 2012 I co-founded Nachtlab Agency, an experiential marketing agency with a strong focus on storytelling and millennial culture. Nachtlab Agency initiates and builds experiential platforms for ABInBev, PernodRicard, VFGroup and Harman Kardon worldwide. Creating meaningful moments and inspiring scenic designs. Because of my inner desire to contribute to this time of global transformation, I use sustainable principles as the basis for my thinking.

Ruben Lodeizen

Art director

I was born and raised with a green heart, which drives me to use my expertise in scenic design and production for the green cause. I gained this expertise during a long career in both art and entrepreneurship. At a young age, I joined Art Department, a collective that designed decor for public and commercial TV stations. Later I started focusing more on night culture and festivals, through my work with ART FX and Spoetnik.

I joined Nachtlab Agency in 2012, bringing my expertise to the world stage. We work in more than 30 countries for international clients like Corona, Harman Kardon and Absolut. Next to my work as an artist and entrepreneur, I was involved in the foundation and direction of Young In Prison. And I’m a board member and director of Stichting Landjuweel, the cultural organisation behind the Amsterdam’s artist enclave of Ruigoord.

Leonie Boon

Expert Resource Management

When I started working in the waste sector 15 years ago, the world looked different. As such, the possibilities for processing waste streams, and resources in general, were also very different. Fortunately, a lot has changed ever since. However, one thing never changed: my interest, passion and enthusiasm for this matter.

Where some people see ‘waste’ as a problem, I see ‘resources’ as a challenge. I get very excited when I can support and advice organisations, companies and municipalities on their sustainable and/or circular goals.

Every question is different, and therefore requires custom-made resource plans. It is my specialty to provide appropriate, detailed and realistic resources plans for organisations, companies and municipalities, with ‘Zero-Waste’ as a result. Since 2017, I do this work via Green Events.

I believe that, to get to valuable results, it’s all about collaboration. As such, I want to share my knowledge and experience, and thereby accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

Douwe Luijnenburg

Sustainability and Event Expert 

Douwe Luijnenburg studied philosophy and argumentation theory at the university of Amsterdam, a logical step towards a career in the event industry. He started out at theatre festival De Parade and then gained a lot of experience in a wide variety of events. From F&B management through site production to sustainability consulting at festivals, B2B events and the occasional regatta.

In recent years, his focus in his working and personal life has been radically shifting towards sustainability and he now thinks there aren’t a lot of other things you can do that make sense. He worked for companies like ID&T, Into The Great Wide Open, Eurosonic-Noorderslag and Best Kept Secret. Recently, he joined forces with Green Events, together they strive for a transformation to a sustainable world.

Frederique van Waning

Project Manager, ADE Green  

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked on numerous projects in the field of branding, (music) events, social impact and sustainability.

I love to organise events, surprise people with inspiring experiences and make them feel welcome and taken care of. Next to this, I have a strong passion for music and I’m no stranger to the dancefloor myself. I believe that music and the dancing masses anywhere in the world world play significant roles in creating own realities, they can have political impact and bring solutions to social or environmental issues. And I feel these stories and learnings should be shared and supported. 

Having this vision, it became a no brainer for me to focus my work on (international) projects where passion and profession meet. This led me to do projects for several social enterprises, music brands and sustainability projects. 

Next to my career, I’m active in voluntary projects focusing on empowerment of refugees in the Netherlands. This has further intensified my drive to help create awareness of social issues and encourage social change within the electronic music industry.

In my role as project manager for ADE Green all these aspects I thrive by are beautifully merged together and it’s incredible to see how much impact we’ve made thus far and how much more we can still achieve!

Dominique Hoogendoorn

Project Assistant

I have always been interested in storytelling. That’s why I started studying at the Film Academy of The Netherlands, where I worked on award-winning movies like Junkske and Dante vs. Mohammed Ali. During my studies I gained my first experience on sustainability through Green Film Making, a foundation devoted to sustainability in the film industry.

Apart from filmmaking, I was interested in dance music and festivals. My thesis was on sustainability in the Dutch festival scene and I joined the board of the Confetteria Foundation. After my graduation, I began to work at Nachtlab Agency, which inspired me to learn even more. I wish to make dreams come true and make the world more beautiful, which can only work if it’s done in a sustainable way.