The world around us is changing rapidly. An expanding population, finite natural resources, loss of biodiversity, environmental pollution and climate crisis are huge challenges for society as a whole. The need to transform is urgent. You can be part of the solution. And step up your sustainable ambition. But the subject alone can be overwhelming. In the events industry, sustainability deals with a wide spectrum of environmental, social and economic issues. What to do? Where to start? How to implement?

Green Events is here to help you in this moment of global transformation. Let’s start by mapping out areas in which you can make the biggest social and environmental impact. And find out what you need to do to become future proof with regard to changing legislation and the demand of your audience.

We co-create your sustainable purpose with you and define how your organization will serve the planet best. We guide you in becoming a sustainability leader that inspires others and we advise you how to implement sustainability into your organization and supply chain. We will make sure that you keep up with the latest technologies and insights through our extensive global innovation network. And when it’s time to share your sustainable practices with the world, we will help you harness your power of speech to report on your achievements and create impact through your audience.

Einstein once said: “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So let’s reframe our thinking. Let now be the time to make a positive impact on the environmental, social and economic aspects of our industry. Creating events that preserve and restore the resources that drive it, for the sake of our well-being, and that of future generations.

Change is inevitable

You’ve probably seen the sign that environmental activists have been waving around for decades, the one that reads: ‘There is no planet B’. Finally, their voice has been heard and humanity is waking up: Politicians, consumers and business leaders are increasingly conscious of the challenges ahead and are now starting to act on them.

While there probably still is no planet B, plan B is taking shape, all over our planet. No brand or business can afford to stay behind in what can be regarded as society’s most fundamental transformation since the inception of the free market economy.

Consumers demand it through the choices they make, while authorities enforce it through laws that are in the making. Get with the programme and start to plan for the future. The change is inevitable…

Our Purpose

Ever since we humans started walking planet Earth, we’ve felt the need to gather our tribes. The purpose of these gatherings used to be intimately connected to our natural environment. Annual celebrations were held around the cycle of the seasons, the return of the rains, the energy of the sun, the fertility of the soil and the growth of our crops.

This deep connection with nature got lost and we forgot the Earthly purpose of our celebrations. Meanwhile, we still have a deep desire to connect to each other through shared live experiences. Over the last few decades, the live entertainment space has been expanding exponentially.

We believe these events hold a tremendous potential: For reimagining the story of humanity, for inspiring the positive change that’s needed to face the challenges ahead, for fixing our broken relationship with nature while immersing ourselves in music, play and dance.

Green Events is on a mission to restore the balance on earth, by accelerating and implementing sustainable transformation in the live entertainment space with the power of the mass. We recognize the economic, social and environmental aspects, and see their interconnectedness.

Who we are 

Green Events is a solid team of creative, passionate and hands-on individuals, determined by the mission to restore the balance on earth. We share a background in the events industry and are highly skilled sustainability experts, combining research, high-level strategic knowledge with hands-on experience in the field, all down to the nitty gritty.

Over the years, we’ve grown a broad network of suppliers, experts, institutions and frontrunners in the sustainability and events industry. As industry professionals, we have worked with each other for quite some time now… but combined our forces only recently. We are based in the Smederij of the NDSM Shipyard, the current hotspot for Amsterdam’s thriving creative industry.


What about us?

For us it’s really important to practice what we preach, staying true to our core principles.This means that we try to work in a way that is both ethical and environmentally conscious.  We constantly try to lower our environmental footprint in our day-to-day work.

For instance, we always have vegetarian (and mostly vegan) lunch meals at the office. We commute mostly by train, bike or electric car, and we recommend our visitors to do so as well. With regards to traveling abroad, we critically assess whether the trip is necessary at all. We only travel when we feel that our physical presence is of more value than the cost to the environment. If we choose to travel, we prefer the train over the car. And only if the trip would last longer than 6 hours, would we consider to go by plane. We compensate the footprint of all of our plane travel in collaboration with Carbonkiller. 

What we do

Within the live entertainment industry, we help brands, promoters and events to connect environmental and social challenges of the 21st century to strong strategic thinking and provide a hands-on roadmap, expertly switching between advice and execution.

Additionally, we have developed our own initiatives, like ADE Green and the Green Deal Circular Festivals, which are aimed at speeding up positive change, collaborations, solutions and innovation in the field of event sustainability.


We work for – and above all, together with – various organisers, promotors, brands, NGOs and governmental institutions. We operate around the globe and in a broad range of event domains, including music, sports, culture and business events.