One way to tackle waste is through the 3R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reducing has everything to do with the prevention of waste, such as choosing not to distribute samples. More and more events are also consciously working with an application instead of a paper timetable, and straws are regularly banned on festival grounds.

Reuse can be applied at events by taking into account the suitability of, for example, decoration materials for multiple use when purchasing. In addition, a hard-cup system can be adopted, where visitors buy a cup and reuse it during the festival.

In order to be able to recycle waste, it is important to create so-called mono-flows. In this way, the separation process is simplified.

Circular design
If you really want to make a difference, it is important to again review your design process. When you start to design from the view that (residual) materials are not waste materials but resources, then you are moving towards a circular economy.

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