Transport of people
In order to reduce the impact of visitors getting to and from the event, it is important to first gain insight into the following:

  • Number of visitors per day
  • Travel distance
  • Means of transport
  • Ratio of festivalgoers to campers (for multi-day festivals)
  • Number of visitors travelling back and forth (for multi-day festivals)

Based on this information, it is possible to make and execute plans that will lead to a reduction in the environmental impact of visitor travel. The actions that will be meaningful and successful in your programme also depend on the infrastructural possibilities and the festival visitors. 

Transport of goods
By thinking creatively about the transports for the supply and removal of materials for the festival, the necessary profits can be achieved. This is possible through:

  • Coordinating the transport centrally: by coordinating the transport from the perspective of the organisation rather than from that of each supplier separately, many logical combinations often prove possible, so that the total number of transport kilometres can be reduced.
  • Use alternative transport options: alternative transport options such as freight train or boat can in some cases lead to great reductions in both environmental impact and transport costs.

Possible action points: cooperation with local suppliers; combining transports; designing a transport plan; considering alternative transport options; encouraging the use of public transport; promoting carpooling; cooperating with bus companies; combi tickets (combination public transport/entrance); making a smart traffic plan.

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