For the reduction in energy consumption, two scenarios are applicable:

1. There is a local grid connection or there is a possibility to realize this temporarily. If there are options for this, then you have the choice to purchase green energy. In that case, the environmental impact as a result of energy consumption can even be reduced to 0.

2. There is no possibility to realize a temporary network connection
In that case, it is important to look in advance at how energy consumption can be reduced, for example by using sustainable energy sources or sustainable fuels (biodiesel). In addition, the energy plan can be optimized by calculating what exactly is needed for energy. This can result in a considerable cost savings!

Possible action points: measuring energy consumption; optimizing energy plan; choosing renewable energy sources/fuels; disabling aggregates as much as possible during build-up and breakdown; turning off refrigerated containers during the day; making caterers and exhibitors responsible for their own energy consumption.

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